Style Fyle: Challenges + Outfits

Hey, so I’ve been MIA for Monday and Tuesday, but I’m here on Wednesday… Does that count?! Well just say it does! And I’ll be her on Thursday & Friday!
This pretty much sums up my 2 MIA days. I was cranky, I really missed my niece and I was super emotional!

So, I wanted to ask, do you ever find yourself changing/tweaking your wardrobe? Or is it just me being a Stylist? Whether it’s just with one outfit or several, but an image of an outfit instantly pops into your head and now you want buy the components to complete that said outfit… Yeah me too! I’m very visual! This outfit popped into my head on Monday night and I love it! I’m not sure I can pull off the hat. But I’m going to try for sure. The heels and that bag are my favorites, but I really like that shirt as well. Which I’m thinking will be mine soon…😜 along with the heels and bag. Gotta keep the priorities together. And of course the black skinnies and lipstick are already staples in my wardrobe, obviously! This style outfit isn’t really my style, and yet it kind of is too. I feel like this outfit is something Taya Smith* would wear… Or Alexa Chung. Me not so much and yet I looooove it! I’m always up for a good challenge!

*if you’re not sure who Taya Smith is, look her up, she’s amazing! She’s on the band called Hillsong United. Her Voice is uhh-mazing! And of course I want meet her! Duh.

• Hint: if you want to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, make style challenges for yourself. For instance, if you don’t wear hats often, tell yourself to wear one with the next outfit you wear. Whether it looks really good or not. At least you’re trying something new! Hallelujah! Or if you want to wear heels, but don’t normally, wear them with the next 3 outfits. That way your dipping your toes in, but not plunging your entire body. The challenge thing really works. Trust me. It’s a tried and true method for me.

Style Fyle: imagined outfit

Old Navy white top

Proenza Schouler black jeans
$210 –

River Island wide brim hat
$39 –

Let me know of an outfit you’re want to try, in the comments below!

Thanks, Ryn

2 thoughts on “Style Fyle: Challenges + Outfits

  1. Here’s a hug 💌
    Everything is going to be okay.
    And here is $5 💰(sorry, I don’t have 5 million).
    Love you!

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