Style find: long tees for men


Have y’all seen the new version of long tees for men?!
They look awesome. I love them! I love the laid back/urban vibe they give off. I really think my soon-to-be 15 year old nephew could pull this type shirt off. Although he is a string bean so it WOULD look good on him. So if you or if you have a man, is shaped like a string bean or a muscular string bean, then this shirt is for you! Its a type of shirt not to be worn tight, but a rather loose fit. We do not want to see the outline of your Pudge. No thank you. So loose fitting is the way to go with this type shirt.

Like I said they’re very long in length. Awesome paired with slim fit / skinny pants or denim. With a beanie looks awesome. Add cool wristwatch and sneakers and you’re good to go.

Here are a few places you can purchase a long tee:
H+M: Here & Here
Forever 21: Here Here
Nordstrom: Here Here
UO: Here Here

When searching for these incredibly long tees, keywords like: long line tees, tall tees, long tees help with the searching.

Thanks for reading!
See y’all tomorrow! -Ryn

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