Diy Friday: Wonderful Tee

Oh, my baby, she’s alright
Oh, my baby’s clean out of sight
Don’t you know that she is?
She’s some kind of wonderful
She’s some kind of wonderful
Yes, she is
She’s some kind of wonderful
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hey Y’all! Happy DIY Fridayyyy!!!!
This has got to be one of my most favorite DIYs yet! Ooh I love it! The colors remind me of wonder years & wonder bread…
Anyway, I was going through one of my piles of fashion magazines, and found this shirt


In lucky magazine. As it says it was $160, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend that on a tee. But I will spend my time making one! ; ) Plus, Sass & Bide doesn’t sell this tee anymore…
Sooo, I made one, see!


Ain’t it cute!
What you’ll need to gather:
Tee (I used Alternative Apparel)
Fabric in like colors (or colors you prefer) metallic gold or sequins, bright olive green/gold, coral, pink & black are what I used. (Mine are all linen, but you could use kona cotton instead.)


Heat-n-bond Strong (unless you want light, and the sew around the letters)
Iron (set to high)
Needle + thread
Letter stencils (I used the kind you get in school supplies section)

1. Mark the middle of the tee. I folded my shirt in half, then ironed a crease in it.
2. Cut a few 8x8in squares of heat n bond and iron onto your fabric.


3. Then use your pen and trace the stencils to the paper side of the heat n bond. *Make sure you trace it backwards or when you iron them onto your shirt, they’ll be backwards.
4. You’ll then cut each letter out.
5. Place your letters where you would like them on your shirt.


6. One by one, tear off the paper and place back the letters where you want them on your shirt. And iron.
7. Then you’ll take the same color thread or a black thread and do a running stitch around every letter to make sure it is secure.

And then you’re D-O-N-E. And you have a super cute shirt you can pair with solo many things, such as boyfriend jeans, pencil skirts, white jeans, etc.

I’m probably going to be making a few more since, this is so cute & simple to do! Love love love it! I might do “what a wonderful world” for one of them… We’ll see!

Hope y’all enjoy making this shirt! Again I absolutely love this shirt. Can’t wait to wear it!

If you decide to make this shirt, snap & share on Instagram: @RynB #sbrdiy

Enjoy! -Ryn

2 thoughts on “Diy Friday: Wonderful Tee

    1. Thanks so much! I love it! Yeah, let’s say I wouldn’t spend that much on THIS shirt! 😉 it better have specks of gold running through it, for me to spend that much on a single Tee! Thanks so much for the comment! :mrgreen:

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