Styled: wonderful tee

So, on Saturday, I attended a women’s expo in Las Colinas TX.


(I love this building. I think it’s gorgeous.)
I really like the expo, this year was my 2nd year to attend. They have a bunch of vendors. (Fun Fact: I wanted to be a vendor, but was unsure of whether, I could sell double, of what the booth price was… Maybe next year.) But they also had seminars, two guest speakers. That day it was Nancy Grace & Tabatha Coffey. I wouldn’t have minded listening to what Tabatha Coffey had to say, but I never made it upstairs to where she was speaking… Not only did they have shopping, guest speakers, seminars, but they also had beauty treatments, such as haircuts, messages & makeovers going on all over. I recommend this event for sure! Tickets are $5-$10! Not bad at all! Here’s more INFO! To see if they come to your city!

That day I decided to break out and wear the wonderful tee, I had posted on Friday for DIY Friday. And I have to say, I LOVE it. Yep that’s pretty much it. It’s more colorful than what I typically wear, but I just love the look, the words, the colors. Everything!


Gap sweater | Diy wonderful tee | ON rock star skinny boyfriend jeans | MC+co necklace | Olessya necklace; similar | Chinese Laundry d’orsay flats | Bite beauty “lingonberry” lips

I did purchase a couple things, and as you probably know, I’m a pro shopper and i love to promote + shop small.
I found this amazing bronzed quartz crystal necklace from Olessya. It pairs so well with my own jewelry, that I just love it. (And my friend Katie could have inspired me to buy it, as she she owns a similar one to this… Oh Katie.)


And Holiday fried pecans from Louisiana. Oh my goodness! These make me love Louisiana more. These are so tasty! If you’re into pecans or Louisiana y’all need to try these! But they are addicting… Unfortunately.


So this was a great way to start June! I can’t believe we’re already in June! It’s been a GREAT year so far! Yay!
See y’all tomorrow, Ryn


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