Monthly Favorites: May

I can’t believe May is already gone. May 2015 completed. It was a great month. Not too shabby! There was a lot of expanding, a lot of growing. I’m ready for the month of June!

I would like to share a few of my favorites from the month of May with you, not too too much that you get overwhelmed, but just enough for you to be inspired to try these products yo’self!

Here goes:



1) I love the feel, the look, the everything that a messy bun is. I wear this type do, A LOT! and I think it just looks chic/effortless.
2) Formula X nail polish in Enriched. I absolutely adore this shade. I wore it 3 times in a row. Its gorgeous on my skin. Its just such a pretty bronze/copper shade. Just lovely. And I see it becoming a favorite of June too.
3) Bite beauty lip duo in tangerine & lingonberry. I kid you not, this lip product makes me want to buy the full size products. There soft & creamy on my lips with the best staying power. I found myself reaching for the Lingonberry(purple) one the most in May.



1) Chocolate milk. Um, yes please! So so good. I love it with unsweetend almond milk or coconut almond milk. With trader Joe’s midnight moo and dandy blend. Yum!
2) trader joe’s Chili spiced mango. OMGosh! Sooo good! I’m not one for spicy usually, but man this is just such a great snack! Y’all need to try this!
3) Sonic Route 44oz unsweetened ice tea. Yes I live in the south, but not until this last month have I understood why people rave about sonic. But their tea is great! I don’t do the typical sweet tea, so I just order unsweetened ice tea and add stevia. So delicious! And between 2-4pm, it’s happy hour and you get drinks half off. Which make this tea roughly under $1.30. Bargain. And after I finish the tea, I use the cup to get my quota of water I’m “supposed” to drink daily.



1) Hillsong United “Touch the sky”. Yep, I love this song. I wasn’t sure of it at first but I absolutely love it now.
2) Hillsong United “Prince of Peace”. Honestly one of the BEST SONGS to play when you are feeling anxious, fearful, angry, etc. You know, all those icky feeling you can sometimes get.
One of the best songs on the new empires album!

Jimmy Fallon hashtag videos. Give it a whirl and search this on YouTube. You will not regret it. It’s amazingly funny!
Plus, you’ll love Jimmy more!

Fashion 2.0: Blogging at your way to the front row.
This has got to be a favorite of mine this month. It has helped more than I know. I’m not quite done reading it. But I’m enjoying reading it. And taking things in. If you want to grow your blogging business, this has great info in it.

And there we have it another monthly favorites down, 7 more to go! šŸ˜‰

Let me know what your favorites have been in the month of May!
Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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