Etsy Find Friday: Komana

If you can’t tell, I like to shop and I love to shop for clothes. Now when I find clothing on Etsy that isn’t vintage, I somewhat do a happy dance! (Not really, just an expression…) But it is a thrill for me to find handmade wears, but beautifully made!

I have found Komana. Such eccentric/edgy/chic clothes that are wearable as much as they’re pieces of art.

{{{• KOMANA is a family affair; designed and crafted by sisters Nina and Livia, based in Zurich and London, they have been creative together for almost all their lives.

Their fascination with Victorian oddities and iconic painters get reworked into small collections of original Women’s and Men’s clothing, interior pieces and baby wear.

Their luxuriously soft t-shirts and leggings are made of high quality organic cotton, bamboo or equally environmental friendly Tencel fabric, all produced under ethical standards. All pieces are then handprinted and painted with water-based ink by themselves in their London studio. }}}

Here are are a few of my favorite pieces:


Oversized box top | $123.81 & leggings $83.06 | This top paired with these leggings are awesome, of course I don’t advocate leggings as pants, so I would want the shirt a wee bit longer. But all in all I really like this outfit.


Leggings | $89.33
Um, yes please. Again I would wear a Cami underneath. But I love the look of this outfit.


Flyaway top | $148.88
Who doesn’t love a cool abstract slouchy tee? This shirt is pretty amazing!


Oversized organic coat | $227.24
I can see this coat in the fall/winter. Super cozy looking, artsy & chic. Perfect.


Organic skirt | $61.12
This skirt could pretty much go with anything and it would still look good! Do the monochrome thing or add a splash of color and it’ll look amazeballs!


Oversized box top | $70.52
This top is such a great staple. First off it will go great with all of these pieces, secondly its a great shape! Why not y’all, why not!

And there we have it! Some fabulous pieces to add to your ever evolving wardrobe! Yippee! (You’re welcome! ;))

See y’all on Monday! Have a great rest of your weekend! -Ryn


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