Warm Fuzzy Feelings…


Yesterday & Today I have been abnormally grateful. Not to say I’m not grateful usually, But there’s usually complaining before the gratefulness sets in. This time it wasn’t like that.

I’ve almost had an out of body experience. To look at my life, and think to myself, “Wow, I really love it. I love the life I live. I’m so grateful for all that God has blessed me with.”
This is not to say my life is perfect. Hah, not even close. But I’ve realized some very awesome things that have been a brewin’, care to hear? Well I’m going to tell ya anyway!

• I get happy when Friends are happy to see me. I was at church yesterday and I walked up to two of my friends and one of them got the biggest smile on her face. Like huge, as if she was truly happy to see me. Which that totally made me feel incredible! Cloud 9 incredible. It’s really nice to feel happy about something so simple. All the more reason, tgat I love my friends! As humans we are never to walk alone in this life.

• I lost my ray ban wayfarer sunglasses a month and a half ago. I’m one who haaaaaates losing things. I kind a stress out. I lost my phone once at a mall with my friend Dominique… Thankfully, for her sake, I found it. Anyway , I lost my sunglasses. And I was truly gutted about it. But I totally held on and asked God to protect them, find them and bring them back to me. Totally trusting Him. Well, I asked a friend to look in the seats I sat in, and a pastor to see if she found them. Both said no. At that point, my trust was slipping. But still held on. And all the while the scripture that says, “you have not, because you ask not”( Thank you Dara & Donnie!), was playing in my head. I asked the welcome center if the had a pair of ray bans turn up, she asked me what they looked like, I told her and she reached in the drawer and pulled out my glasses!!! Without any scratches, nicks or anything. I was over THE moon! So thankful! Thank you to whoever turned them in! God Loves me!

• This year for SWBC, I’ll be doing a job I have ALWAYS dreamt of doing(besides getting pied in the face in superkids). Oh how Jesus really does love me! He gives you the desires of your heart.

• On May 28th, I was a vendor at my church’s women’s night out. And I got my name out there a Lil bit more. And I actually had a bunch of customers and they want me to come back and be a vendor again!

• I’m so thankful I can buy gifts for people I love. That I have money to do so! I was able to buy, what I think will be an awesome gift for my nephew! He may not see the value now, but he definitely will. I also was able to buy my friend a birthday gift, that if I had received it, I would have loved. Meaning she LOVED it! As much as I love getting gifts, which I really do love, I LOVE giving gifts more! And especially to people God has placed on my heart to bless. Blessed to be a blessing.

• I’m finally getting my passport. Many years ago my friends gave money towards my passport and I’m finally getting it! Yay!

• I just counted, and I have over 1,500 followers(and still growing) for my blog! Part of me doesn’t see how that’s possible and the other part of me is so excited about it! I’m just super thankful! Thank you so much for following! I love y’all so much!

• I’m spending time in the word + spending time with God more and I’m beginning to really see improvements. I just Love all that God is doing in my life. 2014 not such a good year, 2015 will go down in the books as being a great one, I just know it!

• I have a few styling sessions coming up and I’m so excited. First off, I love how God has called me into this field. Secondly, I have always loved ministering to women about beauty. I have always wanted to be in a field that targets women and beauty, and now I am. And thirdly, it’s an incredible feeling, a rush almost when I get done styling people, knowing that this is a gift from God. And a ministry to empower others to become their best selves and look their best too!
For he knows the plans for you… Jeremiah 29:11

• I am now striving to forgive more easily. It’s hard sometimes and yet, when you see first hand what could be you in 9 years if you had stay in unforgiveness, and how it destroys you. And realize that it truly is “only hurting yourself” things become clearer in that perspective. And you decide then and there that you’ll forgive the people who wronged you. You may never forget, but you can always forgive.

• I’m receiving such great new ideas to my businesses, which is so exciting! Can’t wait to share!

Well, the list is ever growing, but I’ll leave you with these wise words from C.S. Lewis:


Ain’t that the truth! Enjoy your Monday! And live in a state of gratefulness! Love y’all, I mean it. -Ryn

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