Trending: Mixed Up

Trending: Mixed Up

Parker dress

Apiece Apart v neck shirt

Floral shirt

H M lace shirt
$23 –

Jane Norman stripe jacket
$84 –

Yves Saint Laurent brown jeans
$265 –

Finders Keepers navy shorts
$170 –

Topshop palazzo pants
$84 –

Kaanas ankle tie espadrille

Birkenstock brown sandals
$84 –

Asos shoes
$24 –

Dolce Gabbana white handbag

H M brown handbag
$30 –

Y’all know I love prints right? Well I do, and I love mixing prints. It’s not too hard to mix. Thanks to Polyvore, I compiled some outfits that showcase how you can mix prints easily, since this is one of the 9 trends im covering for this season, thanks to Ken Downing! Click <a href="http:// list!

Let's talk through the outfits , shall we? (Clockwise)

1) Taking a geometric boho print and pairing it with a lace polka dot shell, is one of the easiest ways to mix prints. Though the skirt is loud, the top is very subtle & feminine with the lace. I also added a touch of metallic with the shoes and to tip the outfit to a more boho vibe, I added fringed bag. Such a great summer outfit.

You can totally be monochrome with mixed prints. It still counts as mixing prints, even when you are only using black + white. And You can add metallic for depth.

2) Onto a more formal vibe, which you could wear to a wedding or formal gathering. I paired a really cute floral top with high waisted palazzo pants in a cream color. Using the black in the top, I incorporated the black & white striped blazer into the mix. From there I also paired the outfit with bright pinky/corally colored heels. It all flows really well together. And it’s sharp looking. Bonus!

Pairing the entire outfit around one main print is the best way to go. With that floral top, I pulled the white for the pants, the B+W for the blazer, and the coral for the shoes. And it looks great with each other. It flows nicely.

3) I love this outfit. It has stripes & leopard. And it’s more on the minimalistic side of things. This is a more subdued leopard denim in the skinny cut, pairing nicely with a grey + white horizontally striped shirt. For added comfort, I paired it with a green military jacket. And then paired the entire look with brown Birkenstocks in the ‘Arizona’ style.

Subdued prints work really well together. If I had paired a black + white stripe with a bright leopard print denim, the two pieces would have been fighting for attention. (But then you could add a Black + Cream striped shirt with the muted leopard and would still look chic) And in addition, adding the green jacket, it breaks up the busyness of the two prints making the outfit cohesive.

4) This outfit screams Summer! The navy floral shorts are adorable. I paired them with a tiered tank with vertical stripes in navy + white. And the added navy + white striped flat espadrilles to the mix. You can totally throw on a bright lip with this outfit, to look oh so chic!

Using the same color family in prints can often be helpful in with mixing prints. It just insures the outfit to flow.

5) Last, but surely not the least. This floral dress. Gorgeous right? I paired this little number with black + white accessories. Two different prints, but of the same colors. Works well. It all just seems to flow, never trying to fight for the spotlight. Perfect for a cocktail party!

My rule for mixing prints is to never exceed 3 prints in an outfit. If you go with 4+ the outfit becomes very busy.

Hope this helps with your mixing prints desires! You got this! -Ryn


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