Etsy Find Friday: Andie Specialty Sweets


What’s better than nature? Nature made of chocolate!!! Yes, you heard me, the items you see in this photo are all made of chocolate goodness!

I have loved Andie’s specialty sweets from afar and for quite sometime. They are amazing as you can tell. Their products would be gorgeous for wedding or party favors… Just saying!

The duo behind Andie’s specialty sweets are husband and wife business partners, Jason & Andie Moore. They hail from Dallas, TX. (Obviously somewhere near and dear to my heart!)
And pretty fantastic I must say!

Andie’s Specialty Sweets was born from creative itch set in a domestic setting with love being poured out and through the kitchen. What started as a service to family & friends, produced something beautiful, fostered a demand from others, blossomed in a career, and is still maturing into something amazing with infinite possibilities.

Their philosophy and the approach they take to their sweets is simple. It is “To give treats unto others as we would wants treats given unto us.” Besides an artistic course/pursuit with their sweets, they care about every ingredient, and the hospitable treatment of their customers.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, even if I tried. But I do need to say this, the detail they put into each & every piece is uhh-mazing! So gorgeous + realistic! Incredible.

These are a few of my favorites, but really their whole shop is my favorite! Seriously!


Chocolate filled candy mushrooms | $49 (3)


Chocolate Gold Druzy (rock candy) | $42.50+ { I loooooooooooooove these!!!!}


Edible chocolate candy brass buttons | $45
{I love these!}


Hard Candy bird figurines | $32


Chocolate filled candy nuts | $45


Edible game tiles & tile racks | $58


The edible Dutchman | $144

Go check them out! You won’t regret it. Let me know which your MOST favorite chocolate/candy!

Until next time, have a happy weekend! -Ryn

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