Style Find: Collective beauty + fashion haul

Hey y’all, today’s been a great day so far, I had a business meeting this afternoon, then ran errands (and had a very naughty lunch… Whataburger. Over it!) & then tonight I will be going to my nephew’s rehearsal dinner! Hope your day has been a productive day too!
For today’s post, I thought I would share some new goodies I have recently purchased! And give you a few reviews of them too…




(L to R)
Let’s talk clothes first:
• White Boyfriend poplin shirt. It’s from old navy, I bought it in a Tall size. I wanted it longer than the average length to cover my bum. I can see this shirt paired with some black skinny pants and heels or Madewell sidewalk skimmers. (as I do love those!) A poplin shirt is a classic staple, I think everybody should have.
• Crocheted black duster. You may not be able to see the crochet part of the sweater. But it’s there. I really like the length of this sweater. It is short sleeve, so it’s cool in temperature. I’ll try and post an ootd of it soon! It’s from Nordstrom Rack.
• Crocheted cream v-neck sweater.
I’m in love with this sweater. Yep, I said it. Its such a cool laid back sweater. Just to through on and go, and still look effortlessly chic too. Looks like I bought it from Madewell…nope I didn’t! Oldnavy!
• Taupe French terry Joggers. I bought 2 pair of these. Super cute on. I love wearing them with a coral sweater I have and tank underneath. Chic, cute & comfy! What more could you want?!

• Not your mother’s ‘clean freak’ dry shampoo. Incredible stuff! I’ve been through four bottles since discovering how amazing it real is!
• Boots botanics cleansing balm. Love this product. It has been beneficial for my skin. Transformative really. I used to have super rough dry skin, now it’s soft as a baby’s bum! I definitely recommend this product!
• Boots Botanics micellar water. I’ve only used this twice, but I really like it! And it’s a great refreshing change in the summer months!
• Not your mother’s ‘Beach Babe’ texturizing spray. Um, yes, just yes! Love this stuff. I have semi-wavy hair and I use it for a little extra oomph! It works wonders!
• Tarte ‘park princess’ matte bronzer. I really like this bronzer. I’m pretty pale, so it shows up with on me. If your darker in skin tone, I’d say you may want the one with shimmer. But for the paler folks, its pretty impressive. And it doesn’t turn orange sent on my skin tone! Whoop whoop. Looks very natural!
• Theodent kids chocolate toothpaste. So I’ve tried the minty one, but wanted to try the chocolate. I mean, its chocolate! I’ll keep you posted on if I like it! This brand is sold through whole foods and online. Usually $10.99 and lasts 4-5mo.!

So those are the things I’ve purchased lately and these are the things I’m believing God for:




Ironically it’s all from Madewell… I’ll keep ya posted on it!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

P.s. Totally deserve GF cookies after stepping in a fire ant hill…just saying.


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