Style Fyle: nephew’s got style…

First off, I never thought Nephews would be very much fun. But I must say, I was totally ignorant. I have 3 nephews (so far) and they each bring such a characteristic to my family. Nephew ages: 22, 15 & 7! And yet I still feel young, hallelujah!

One nephew in particular, is just the BEST! I love him so so much.  He just turned 15 and A fifteen year old, is just starting to care about style, and caring about how he looks. I mean there’s an interest in girls at this age… Anyway, I had decided to purchase a few outfits for his birthday to revamp his style, etc, etc.(and I wanted to be the most favorite stylist aunt, ever!) I purchased the whole enchilada from Oldnavy. I bought 2 pair of bottoms & 2 shirts. Which totals out to be 6 outfits. A pair of mustard khakis, a pair of grey shorts, a navy blue Henley, and a short sleeve chambray button up.

Here is how I styled each outfit:


Navy Henley | Cuffed Grey shorts |White Converse : This pairing is fashionable/comfort. You’ve got the Henley tee with the shorts and sneakers. J.crew catalog what?!


Printed Chambray shirt; Similar | Cuffed Grey Shorts | White Converse : this is a little dressier pairing of the shorts & chambray shirt. Totally doable, keeping the shirt untucked. Also could be worn with Vans, high top converse, Sperry Topsiders or even Nike’s.


Navy Henley | slim leg  khakis | White Converse : I would cuff the legs, given that they are slim legged pants, and untuck the shirt. Although, a half tuck would be great too.


Printed Chambray Shirt; Similar | Henley tee | khakis | Converse : This I feel as if you could cuff the sleeves of the chambray shirt and the Henley together and then leave the chambray unbuttoned. And add the converse or sneakers to the outfit.


Henley | chambray shirt; similar | Cuffed shorts | sneakers : you can totally style the shirts like above, but you can also style them with the Henley underneath, the chambray on top, buttoned up halfway worn with the chambray sleeves cuffed up twice and worn with sneakers.


Chambray shirt; similar | mustard
khakis | sneakers : I would cuff the sleeves & the pants, leave the shirt untucked and wear either sneakers or loafers.

And just know this style isn’t just for a 15 year old, this style can be for a 29, 40 even a 75 year old man.
• But just know that when buying wardrobe staples, you get a whole heck of a lot of outfits out of them.
My nephew could also wear a baseball raglan sleeve shirt, just a plain tee, a graphic tee or even a long sleeve to add with those shorts or khakis and bump up the amount of outfits also.
He even tried them on and he’s definitely a man boy! So cute… I mean cool! 😉 

Hope this helps how you purchase staples!
Thanks for reading, commenting & liking this post! -Ryn


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