Style Fyle: Poshmarkin!

Have y’all heard of the app Poshmark?
May I say, I really like it! I’ve been on there for about 3-4yrs!

You may be asking me, What poshmark is? It is like eBay, but in a smaller setting. Meaning, that you can upload pics of items you want to get rid of in your closet, set a price and sell it. Poshmark will take around 30% of your sale of the item and they will also pay for shipping, leaving 70% all for you! When an item does sell from your closet, you will then print out the shipping label and either put the item in the mailbox or at your local post office. I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s just for the US still. But I could be
wrong too. But when the buyer receives the item, they’ll accept the item, give it 1-5 stars and then your funds will be added to your balance.
And then you can purchase on Poshmark in other’s closets or transfer the moolah to you checking account, entirely up to you!

It’s super easy to use, and slightly addicting when getting rid of the items in your closet that you don’t have need of or don’t wear. I have sold many things,(some designer, some highstreet items) bought a few things and I really enjoy it! Just like if you bought from my Etsy shop, I put my time +energy to make it look presentable to the buyer, I package it really pretty with sequins & cute washi tape… What more could you want? And a sweet note thanking them for their purchase. I’ve also included backstock earrings from my jewelry collection for an added touch!

You certainly don’t have to do any of that, I just love adding sweet touches to it!

And I must, must add, this is for any size woman. It’s not just for skinny minis, but all shapes & sizes! So sell away! Just remember, don’t try and sell things that could be used as a dust rag! If the holes aren’t intended to be there, don’t try and sell it. Same goes for stains. No one wants to buy something terribly icky & used! Ew! New, like new or still looks good, etc… then go sell & prosper!

If interested in this poshmark thingamajig, here’s the link to get the app: We’re all shopping closets together on Poshmark. I want you to join! Get $5 credit with code: HXVAS.
P.s it’s free!!!

Come follow & shop my closet: username is @Rynb (shocker!)

Hope you have a great day & happy shopping! Hopefully I convinced you to start selling and shopping!  -Ryn

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