Ask Ryn: Why do women look so bad?

Well, let’s see, this question came from a reader… Which if you have a suggestion, style/beauty question, note, etc. Email me:, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Q: So, the reader wants to know why some women look so bad? (As in the type of dressing/makeup they typically wear… At least that’s how I interpreted the question.)

A: My answer is, We live in a Kim Kardashian world. We live in a world where some women think that wearing contour & fake lashes are acceptable wear for everyday. Where tight clothes are the only way to wear clothes. A world where they don’t actually know how to dress for their shape, so they dress how they think it is. It’s also where, they see Kim K. dress in an outfit that is 1k dollars, but instead of paying a thousand for it, they think going to Ross will get you the same look for much less. And they also don’t realize that Photoshop has been applied to every Ad, every photo spread, every billboard… Contorting, slimming, sucking, etc. Kim K’s figure,  that they can’t begin to know what’s real & what’s fake.
I’m not trying to “hate” on Kim, but a lot of what she is, is fake. Do I like how she became famous? Not really. Do I like that she’s always one sided? Nope. Where you never see her have bad days or “regular” days of everyday makeup.  You only see her perfectly made up. That doesn’t give a whole lot of grace to every other women on the planet to being comfortable in their own skin. Saying this, I know Kim is setting a very high standard everyday, but I’m going to choose to be me and Comfortable in my own skin. Now, I will say this, I condone Kim 110% to being happy being curvy. It ain’t easy, but she knows how be happy with that. But, unfortunately she, herself makes the mistake of having clothes be too tight sometimes.

I have a few friends who always compared themselves to others, whether it be Madewell sales people, girls at church, actresses, singers etc. It didn’t matter who, they just compared themselves all the time. And when I hung out with them, I would always hear them basically bad mouth themselves and exalt that said person they were in comparison with. It got old, real fast. I’m not one to do that, but I know people who do. It’s awesome to admire and be like, I want to dress like she does, or I want to get my hair to look similar to hers.
But try not to say, man, she’s so pretty, I’m never going to be as pretty as she is, or I’ll never amount to as much as she does or I can never look as good as she does. Never say never, You can do whatever she has done. It takes time, effort & determination. And usually money too, to be honest.

I want to pound into your head, that just because it’s in a magazine or on TV, doesn’t mean you have to dress like that person. You can like the outfit, you can rework the outfit to fit your lifestyle. Because honestly, you don’t have Kim K.’s lifestyle. You have your own lifestyle. A bodycon dress just doesn’t look the same at a grocery store, same goes for heels while hiking. You have to dress how it will work in your lifestyle. Sure you can, change up your style anytime you want. But please find the right size for you. Not what you want to be when you lose the amount of weight you want to lose. Shop for your size now, alter later. Tight clothes will never make you look slimmer, most likely, it’ll make you look heavier… And nobody wants to look heavier! There are tips and tricks into looking slimmer that you can do to your wardrobe. And they’re so easy!
Never buy anything too tight. It can skim, but never pulling.
• buy the right size. Try on until you find what fits, no matter the size number or letter.
• find the style that works best on your figure. A-lines work on almost any figure.
• black is always slimming, but color close to the face, brightens one’s face up.
• wearing a flashy necklace will always draw the eye up to your face.
billowy tops don’t always look the best on curvier girls, but boyfriend type shirts do.

I hope this helps somebody out there!
Thanks for submitting that question, I had fun answering it! Thanks for reading! -Ryn

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