Lifestyle Find: Parachute Linens


Who wouldn’t love sleeping on pure linen every.single.night?!
I know some of us think that linen can be scratchy & stiff. But I can assure that with parachute linens, they are super soft.
I would not mind sleeping on some linen sheets tonight! 1. It’s breathable. 2. It has a cool beachy vibe. 3. It’s just plain gorgeous. Let’s be real!

I for one loooooooove the look, feel & texture of linen, so having it on my bed and sleeping on it would be amazeballs. Especially for summer. I love the weightlessness of linen.

I have already decided that I want to decorate my future kids rooms with linen, such as; curtains, bedding, blankie… Whatever. I love the look.


Linen is so much better than polyester. Polyester cannot breathe. It’s an unnatural fiber, which locks in moisture, causing you to not have the best sleep you could possibly have, as if you had a natural fiber under you. Plus, if I’m not going to wear poly, why put it on my bed. I’m not wanting to have my sheets attack my rough feet, thank you very much!

This company is amazing. They hail from Venice Beach California. And they make the most luxurious bedding around. I’m hoping I get my hands on a pair. I adore linen. Linen, linen knit. Whatevs! It’s amazing material.

If you’re interested in this fab bedding, please checkout their website!

Parachute linens contacted me to tell you about their new linens launch. All opinions are my own.

Enjoy their new collection!!!! -Ryn

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