Style Find: Nordstrom anniversary sale

Speaking of anniversaries…. Nordstrom anniversary sale is always the bomb(dot)com! I may not purchase a thing, but I loooove the fact, that I can shop early access in their stores & online. I always feel like a VIP. Which if you are a cardholder, you can feel like this as well! And if not, find a friend who is and go with them or borrow their card ; ) ask them first, of course!

But I did peruse the catalog and found a few things that are swoon worthy.


‘Cause it wouldn’t be right to not add jewelry… I’m in awe of that Michele watch and those Kendra Scott necklace & earrings. : )


All of these remind me of Autumn… Love!


Shoes… Yes please! All those boots are amazing! And the Nike’s just look comfy!


All of it, yes just yes! I really like that scarf! Oooh and that bag, love Rebecca Minkoff!

So here are just a few things I’ve found so far! But I’ll keep looking! ; )
And I’m not going to add links, since this is early access to the Nordstrom anniversary sale. But y’all definitely need to join the party, as the anniversary sale party!

Enjoy &
Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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