Beauty fyle: Skincare Routine

I thought I would post a revised version of my skincare routine… As I said yesterday, I do use the Boots micellar water 3-4 times a week, it really depends on my skin. If it’s acting dry, then I do my cleansing balm. But I really like my routine! Now, you do what you have to do, but the products may help you… Maybe just not all together. Plus, you may not have the same skin I do, so take this and experiment at your own risk. ; )

Let’s get started!!!


1. Use a raisin size amount of the cleansing balm, rub in all over your face.

2. I use a microfiber cloth as a washcloth.(one that is new, for my face only, as in, I haven’t cleaned house with it…;)) Wet the washcloth with warm water and then wipe off the cleansing balm. The microfiber cloth is amazing for cleansing a face! It gets my face suuuuper clean!

3. I use the witch hazel as a toner, and you can use it with a cotton ball. (but what I do, is I got a 3oz spray bottle from container store and I put the toner in it.) Then when my face is still moist from wiping off my face, I will spray my face with the toner.

4. Then I use 1-2 drops of Josie Maran argan oil all over my face while my face is still wet from the toner. (For me it’s easier to apply the oil)

5. I then use the Josie Maran daily moisturizer SPF 47. And then I use one half to a whole pump of this. And let it soak in while I sleep. (I know, its supposed to be used in the daytime, but for my best results I use it at night.)

6. When I wake, I apply my makeup. Unless my face is just really oily, then I’ll wipe my face off with the microfiber washcloth.


And then these also help from time to time.
• If I use the clarisonic, I use it maybe 3 times a week.
• I try and have a “spa night” once a week, where I put on a mask. I really like this mask. It’s really refreshing. Plus it’s turquoise!
• I place a container of baking soda in the shower, and each time I shower, I try and remember to scruff my face with it. Just place a small amount in your hand, get it wet, and in a circular motion scruff all over your face. Then rinse off. When I get out of the shower, I usually moisturize my face with the toner, oil + moisturizer. And then go on with my daily life. : )

Hope this helps or sparks something inside you to take care of your skin! Enjoy! -Ryn

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