Style find: I bought a dress!

I’m not one to buy dresses… Therefore I’m not one to wear them either. But I popped into Oldnavy, to exchange some things for somebody. Anyway, I was perusing the sale rack and found a b+w striped swing dress. It’s 100% rayon jersey. I decided to try it on… It fit like a glove… It was love at first sight. I threw my shopping formula out the window. I didn’t think of things to pair with, I just was determined to purchase it. To my dismay, when I got up to the registers, it was full price, not on sale like I thought it was : ( but, retail was worth it. I love this dress!

This is the dress:


And here is my attempt at styling it…


Perfect for fall/autumn.

• When dealing with stripes, go for thinner stripings. You’ll also want to make sure that your top or dress is not tight. It either just fits or its a bit big. And also pair a jacket/sweater on top and make sure to gap it, like I do so in the photo. It gives a trick with the eye, making your body appear smaller. Breaking the stripes up. Having the green on the sides. 

I will probably be buying another one of these dresses. :mrgreen: but maybe cutting it off as a tunic… We’ll see! 

Here’s to buying dresses, and throwing formulas out the window!
Enjoy! -Ryn


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