Beauty find: anti aging skin

I know I just posted about my skincare regimen last week but I threw in a a few more products to try. It’s the Korres anti aging system. My mom had travel size bottles of all of this stuff and she wasn’t going to use it, so I was like “hey, can I try it?” And she said yes. And at the time, I wanted an eye cream… So I’m here trying out each product. I know that I’m only in my late 20’s and I don’t NEED to start preventing wrinkles. But I say, if not now, when?
I don’t want to give you a before pic of my skin and an after pic… Mainly because I don’t have one. But because I don’t think you need a picture. I’ve been on this stuff for about 3 weeks. I’ve noticed both pros + cons to these products.



What we have here is:
• milk proteins foaming cream cleanser (blue)
• quercetin & oak antiaging + antiwrinkle eye cream (boxed)
• quercetin & oak hydrating antiaging + antiwrinkle day cream SPF 4 (brown)
• quercetin & oak antiaging + anti wrinkle night cream (black)
• quercetin & oak antiaging + anti wrinkle face serum (gold)
{I color coded them with the color of the labels}

I really like all of these products. Some more than others. I really like the cleanser used with my clarisonic. And I do like the eye cream, I just wish it was a bit stronger. I do like the night cream, it did at first make my face itchy but seems to have stopped. The day cream I actually haven’t used. And the face serum has a funny smell to it, but not a bad one. Just herbaly.

All in all, I would say give it a shot. I have seen my face become more moisturized. But I have also noticed little zits on my forehead. So keep that in mind too. But then I say, my skin isn’t your skin so it may react differently than mine is doing.

But all in all, I do really like these korres products. I love korres as a company. They have some amazing products.
Give it a go!

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed it! -Ryn
Check back in tomorrow for a pretty exciting post!!!

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