Style Find: The Lydia Flat

There has got to be something said about these new Madewell Lydia flats… These shoes are g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!!! I love the Dark Cabernet.


But I also really like the black


And metallic


& leopard!


Basically I love every pair they made for autumn. The D’orsay style looks fantastic on my foot for one thing and I love Madewell shoes anyway. It’s a win-win for sure! They’re super chic + Super easy to style. And the Cabernet & black are both $98. The metallic & leopard is $118. Really, the price is pretty reasonable when you think about it. They’re really leather.

• One rule I go by is if there is an item on sale, would I pay full price for it and if the answer is yes, then I may get that said item, but if my answer is no, then I shouldn’t even be tempted at purchasing the item.

I tell you that I would most likely spend full price on Madewell shoes, when I know they look good, feel good & go with everything. Buuuut when I can find them on sale, then that’s like getting a golden ticket. Unfortunately or fortunately, these beauties are not on sale. But as I said earlier, I would pay full price with no worries of tomorrow. The amazing value of Madewell shoes, is that they last so long. I’ve had my pairs for 3+years and the still look good and still very comfy.
But I just had to say SOMETHING about these beauts to you! Because when I saw them my jaw dropped & my eyes twinkled…. And I think I said, “oooooh!” Who can resist saying “ooooh!” When seeing these shoes?

One last thing to say, pointy toe shoes  are very lengthening to ones legs. Visually. Just saying!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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