Beauty Fyle: make-up thoughts

Hey y’all, I didn’t mean for this week to be mainly about beauty related things, hope you don’t mind! I wanted to share with you something I shared on my Instagram/Facebook, which I thought maybe y’all would like to read it too! If you’re not following me on there, you really should be! @Rynb : )

Here goes:


So, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 16… I’m sure most teenagers would think that was a form of imprisonment or even torture. But I made a choice (around age 13) that I wouldn’t be self conscious or insecure about myself. I didn’t want to succumb to peer pressure. (I actually wanted to be a Dove beauty spokeswoman) This isn’t to say, I’ve never been insecure before, but when I am, i never stay there long. Some secrets about overcoming this issue is to not compare yourself to others. Comparison is definitely the thief of joy. And when I’m having crappy day, I never say it out loud and I never speak “curses” over myself, of how I look fat or “Man, I need a new face.” I don’t want to sow that kind of seed into myself. I don’t want to constantly be thinking about how I’m not good enough. And thirdly, quit thinking about what others may think. You are too good to think about what others may think of you. It’s important what God thinks of you & what you think of yourself. That’s healthy. And about make-up, make-up is only an enhancer. It can either enhance your natural beauty or destroy it. You choose. But know this, once you get past depending on how you view makeup, makeup can see SUPER fun! Take it from me, I have waaaay too many eye shadows, lip products, mascaras, etc. And I LOVE it! #transparency #beauty #truth #selfimage #healthyselfimage #healthy #beautiful #naturalbeauty #youresomekindofbeautiful

Hope this helps, if you need encouragement! See y’all on Monday or on IG, as I am trying to post daily… -Ryn


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