Beauty Find: Hourglass ambiant lighting

I’m hooked! I want hourglass makeup in my life! A few weeks back I had the ambient lighting blush & highlight trio applied to my face… Oh how glorious it was. 1. For someone else to do my makeup. And 2. For how it looked!


Though the guy put 3 shades too dark of their foundation on me, I couldn’t stop looking at my face. It was glowing! It was gorgeous. I had to take a picture to commemorate. The way my skin looked was glow-y & like heaven was shining down upon me. That kind of makeup is what everybody needs in their life!

But please know that, I enjoy makeup, it’s not, a “I have to have makeup on to feel beautiful.” No, feeling beautiful is a choice. It doesn’t come from a bottle or a powder. It comes from within. And I enjoy putting makeup on my face. And I enjoy wiping it off as well! No one can make you do anything and feeling beautiful is a part of that. As women, we have such a high perception of what beauty is or should be. And we are constantly getting thrown the lotions, potions and serums that should make us feel better about ourselves… When in reality we tend to feel worse if we don’t get the recognition we think we deserve. Those potions only fall flat when our focus is on something that can only enhance our natural beauty. The only possible explanation is we should put our focus and energy on maintaining our inner beauty. So it can shine through!

Okay I’m done, I’m not sure where that can from, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know if you’ve tried hourglass cosmetics? and if so, what is/are your favorite items?

And this is me playing with apps and filters on my phone!
If I had an identical twin….
Thanks, Ryn


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