Beauty Fyle Review: Maracuja Bronzing serum


This stuff is the! It’s the Tarte maracuja bronzing oil… It’s amazing. I was a bit worried about trying this stuff at first since I wouldn’t be doing my whole body, just my face… I thought it may look funny, with my skin being nicely bronzed and my body being very pale. But I took the plunge and tried it. All is well, it’s not a huge difference, but there was/is a difference, that’s for sure!

Now there is a noticeable smell to it. It smells like self tanning lotion, but just not as strong.

But this stuff, I can’t really explain… It just gives you a nice glow. Like I’ve been in the sun but it’s not Orange by any means. It evens out my skin, since my cheeks are naturally pink. It just helps to neutralize them. And it just makes my bronzer really pop on my skin.

Now here’s the kicker this bottle goes for $47 for 1.7oz from how I loooove me some Tarte!) It’s not terrible, but it is a lot. However, Sephora has it for $24! Twenty four dollars!!! I say bargain!

The only other negative thing I will say is it fades quickly. But I usually apply it either every night or every other night. And I can already tell a difference the next morning.

Its fun to try new things! You might want to try it! You might not!

Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading! -Ryn

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