I made it through the whole 30!


Today was my 30th day on whole30.
And I’ve learned much of my body and eating habits. If you’re not sure what the whole 30 eating plan is, you can go here.

Its basically an eating plan of meat, fruits & veggies. What you cannot have is: Soy, processed foods, grains, dairy (butter included), sugar, stevia…

The first week was rough. So rough. I wanted to cry, rough. The 2nd week was easier but still rough. 3rd week was much much easier. And finally 4th week was a breeze. I feel like it whizzed by. I’m thinking about doing it again…eventually. This next part is reintroducing foods. But I already know I don’t to eat grains or much dairy. Or any soy. And limited sugar, if any.
And by doing this plan, I have found that I really like olive oil & balsamic vinegar. It’s actually tasty. And I really miss chocolate!

I didn’t exercise throughout this month, I know naughty! I kinda wish I had. But I don’t know what it is, I have had a rough time eating a certain way & exercising. I feel like I won’t have enough energy to do both. I know, it’s a stupid theory. So the 2nd time around I want to exercise while eating clean. Might as well start now too, exercising I mean… 😉

Then onto grocery shopping… I grocery shop 2-4 times a week. I feel like that’s too much, but if I don’t, I could starve and that’s not good either.

And the only vivid dream of food I’ve had, was I dreamt of someone using up all of my cans of coconut cream. It’s delectable when you can’t have heavy whipping cream.

Oh and black coffee is a no go for me. I can’t. Well, I can, I just prefer not to. Blech! And fruit juice to sweeten your coffee, just isn’t the same… Especially grape juice!

That’s all I have so far! Have you tried whole 30? How was it for you?

Thanks for reading! -Ryn


3 thoughts on “I made it through the whole 30!

  1. Have you tried honey in your coffee/is that acceptable for the plan? It’s not the same as my usual cream and truvia mix, but I’ve found it’s a pretty decent walk-on/pantry staple when I’m in desperate need of a grocery run.

    1. No, no sweetener is acceptable… Just 100% fruit juice or plain black coffee. But I have tried honey in my coffee before, and it’s not too shabby! Thanks for the suggestions! 😀

      1. I don’t know if I could survive without any sweetener… or at least not without my roommate hating me. I get super cranky when I don’t get to indulge my sweet tooth.

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