Style Fyle: my black uniform..

Heyyyy, so I haven’t done a style post in quite sometime. It feels good!
I went to Dallas last week, decided to wear all black… Thankfully it was in the 90°s. As you can see I broke out my speedy35 for the day, I usually reserve that handbag for in Autumn. But I was slightly testing sales people to see if they treated me any differently than when I came the last week before that. Some did, some treated me the same. Whatever!


(Don’t you love how one ankle is showing and one isn’t?:oops:)
Anyway, I’ve been donning all black a lot this month, which I’m not sure why, August is usually the hottest month of the year!

But decided anyway to rock the all black look. Which I am today as well! Hah! Yay August!

• They say black is slimming, which it is, but so is color. You just have to be more strategic with color. Maybe pair it differently than you would, say if you were wearing all black. Even with wearing white with black you still have to know exactly how to pair it or it could look discombobulated.(big word, right?) And we don’t want that!

• Here I paired a halogen black mid-calf length sweater with oldnavy black high waisted skinny jeans, a good hyouman  graphic muscle tank, Sam Edelman brown ankle boots, Louis Vuitton bag. And then a statement necklace from Maude C.
It all works well together.
And don’t believe the myth that says you cant wear brown & black together! So wrong! I say if your outfit is black and you want to add brown to the mix, add brown in the accessories. And no the type of browns you use do not have to match. Or vice versa you can rock an all brown look and pair with black accessories! Whatever you choose.
But please don’t be afraid to mix!

And also it a-okay to wear black. It’s not considered to be emo or goth if paired the right way! Most likely you’ll look oh so chic or edgy!

Hope you enjoyed, can’t wait to hear from you! Love, Ryn

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