Beauty Fyle: Updating my brow game

I think this is on the same level as getting a really great haircut. It just feels freeing and light. But yet, still structured. I’m talking about getting your eyebrows done. First off, I don’t like plucking my brows, its not something I love to do, when doing my makeup. But I do it when I’m in the car(passengers seat, mind you) because I have the best light…

Anyway, I just recently went to get my brows done at my favorite place; Nordstrom Anastasia Beverly hills counter. They are the real deal. They wax, shape, tint, whatever you like! They can do. And best part is, I trust them. Sure, I still prayed that she wouldn’t ruin my brows… And she did such an amazing job! I love them so much!


When I was in Aarika’s chair, she asked what I wanted to do with my brows, what brows I wanted, bold & edgy or natural? I had no clue, then she said Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston? I then replied, Lily Collins. I love Lily Collins’ brows. So she did what she could do, with how my brows are and they look perfect!


Aren’t they pretty?! I feel as if I could conquer the world.

If you’re interested in getting your brows done, please use Anastasia Beverly hills technicians. They know brows and they definitely are trained. And if you live in Dallas or Fort Worth, book an appointment at Nordstrom Northpark Anastasia Beverly hills counter with my girl Aarika and she will be a delight! The number to the store is: 214.231.3900 The experience will not disappoint.

And remember, brows are there to frame your face. Take care of them. And the fuller they are the younger you’ll look. Don’t over pluck.

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

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