Beauty Fyle: empties

Happy September! Can you believe its already September?! It’s only 3 months until Christmas… CRAZY! I have empties… ALOT OF THEM. and possibly multiple ones… So let’s get started, shall we?


• Thayer’s Rose petal witch hazel… I adore this stuff as toner. I spray it on my face, it’s so refreshing and it leaves my skin so soft.
• Boots Botanics cleansing balm… Um yes, I use this almost every night and I love to cleanse my face with it. It moisturizes while cleanses.
• Theodent mint toothpaste… I really like this stuff, but I also really like Jason’s power smile.. But this tube of toothpaste does whiten my teeth.
• Josie Maran daily moisturizer SPF 47… Yep, I like be this stuff! It has a thicker consistency and leaves a white cast on my skin. But my the time I wake up it has soaked in and it is oh so soft!
• Skinny Girl stevia extract…. This stevia is super handy, to just chuck in your bag and go, and then when you order a drink, you know you have sweetener in your bag, so it saves ya from using garbage sweetener.
• NYX HD concealer… I will use this stuff until they stop making it. Its glorious for your under eyes. I recommend this stuff 110% to you!
• Tarte Gifted mascara…
Um, I love this mascara. That is all. It just makes my lashes go va va voom.
• Pacifica Sandalwood perfume… Yes, a thousand times YES! If you’re not familiar with the scent, go sniff it some time. It smells distinctly like fruit loops without the sugary sweet scent added to it.
• Kiehl’s musk perfume…
This scent is actually unisex, but the great thing is, it’s a different scent on everybody. I really like mixing this with the pacifica sandalwood… It makes for a gorgeous scent. Plus, I get tons of compliments!


• Head & Shoulders purely gentle scalp care… This stuff worked pretty well. I loved how soft my hair was but, I really really like the Jason shampoo.
• Jason dandruff relief 2in1 shampoo and conditioner… This stuff smells divine and works incredibly well. Since I’ve had dry skin, I’ve also had dry scalp with little flakes by my temple… Yeah this stuff works to moisturize my head.
• Beyond Zone super sexy wave spray… This stuff works! I received it as a gift from a friend 2 years ago, and I’m still using it… Of course I have only a little left. I will most likely repurchase!
• Not your mother’s clean freak shampoo… If you can’t tell already, I love this stuff. It’s the best dry shampoo, it makes my hair workable and able to be styled and it doesn’t itch my head… Bonus right there!


• La Vanilla deodorant… Yes please! This stuff is amazing! Smells lovely after sweating and it has no aluminum in it. Yep, totally repurchasing!
•Sauve almond+Shea butter conditioner… This stuff works well in the terms of it’s an inexpensive conditioner. It smells good. Will I repurchase… Who knows!


• Korres shower gel in Basil Lemon… First off, I love Korres shower gels. They make my skin so soft. Secondly their scents are divine! Very natural & earthy smelling, without being weird.
• Korres shower gel in mint tea… Favorite scent hands down! I love this scent. It’s woodsy and smells like a man’s cologne. Oh man, it smells so good!
• Philosophy birthday cake shower gel… It smells good, but I kinda like some of their other scents better. And I seem to think philosophy dries out my skin a little too much…

Whelp! There you have my empties. Now I can dispose of them and start new! Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you’ve tried any of these product and what you’ve thought of them!

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