Monthly Faves: August


Boy, what a month! It flew by, kinda like how September is!
How’s your September doing so far?!


I have done many things… Styling, babysitting, sewing, making new jewels, selling… Oh and I also started posting daily on my Styledbyryn page on Facebook! Come check it out!

I have gathered a few favorites from August to share with you!

-Here they are-

Tarte Maracuja bronzing serum
This stuff works! My face is peaches & cream white. And this gives me a light tan! Toning down my red cheeks as well! Good, good stuff!

Maybelline Blue Mascara
Love my blue mascara. It’s just a hint of color when I have a neutral makeup face on. I just love it! And I apply it on top of my black mascara. It works well!

Mouth Watchers toothbrush
This is an all natural toothbrush. It has natural bristles. And it cleans my teeth so so well! If you’re on the search for a great toothbrush, you should try it!

Oldnavy b+w striped swing dress
This dress is my fave! I love the way it hugs the top half of me, and then swings away from the body. But in a figure flattering way. It’s just such a great dress!

This eating plan was tough! But I loved how I felt! It felt fantastic afterwards… And I found out I’m gluten intolerant… So now I’m gluten free. And I’m totally a-ok!

Coconut cream
This stuff is amazing. As you probably have heard the coconut fruit is a miracle fruit. I particularly love refrigerated coconut cream, I love eating grapes and dipping them into the cream, so delish! I also love using the cream for coffee, and salad dressings.

Um, I love this show. I’m so amazed how artists can paint murals on bodies. With all the crevices humans have, I’m just amazed y’all!

Project Runway
I’ve watched this show for years! Literally years. And I’ve always said that if it was on by the time I hit 30, I would apply to be on there… Not so sure I would though. But anyway, its just now getting good, they’re getting rid of the designers that aren’t good. And you can see the amazing touches that the good designers have! Ahh I love it!

I’ve known this girl for years, and yet never spoken to each other, so I remember… But her blog is incredible! Her photography, her style, her writing… ALL of it! I love it so much!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Faves: August

    1. It’s usually when light hits it. I wish I had a photo to show you! Most people don’t notice it. But when they do, they love it! I know that if you can’t find it from Maybelline, Benefit cosmetics has a they’re real mascara that is blue! 🙂

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