Store vs Store: Anthropologie vs H&M

I decided to do another Store vs. Store! This time I battled Anthropologie vs. H&M. I love both, but I love anthropologie more, only because they are just SO unique, not run of the mill. But I love h&m too, ’cause I can find much there that is softer on the wallet. Anthro has a bit more on the quality. But I still love each store. I’m just rambling now, I know!

Here’s what I’ve found that anthropologie & H+M have in common, which are all super cute! Price wise not so much!

Anthropologie pics are on the left, H&M pics are on the right…


Anthro: $188, H&M: $29.99
These dresses are so cute. As each are styled with caramel colored boots. The only other thing I would do, pop on a field jacket or fur vest.


Anthropologie: $325, H&M: $29.99
Lace shirts. These are fantastic to style. They can be styled with colored skinnies or boyfriend jeans Or with a pencil skirt. An d throw on a fur vest and you’re good to go! P.s. you’ll need a Cami underneath, just for modesty purposes.

Anthropologie: $158, H&M: $35.99
Again, another swing dress but floral. Love a good floral. Perfect for a date night!


Anthropologie: $118, H&M: $35.99
These pants! Either pair are super cute.
The olive oil gold I’m partial to though! They’re gorgeous! And I would probably pair them with a collared white button down and flats or heels.


Anthropologie: $88, H&M: $29.99
These blouses are similar, but obviously not the same. I love the gingham one, but its very voluminous, so those that don’t do peplum shouldn’t wear it but the H&M one is more snug to the waist, giving off a nice definition to the waist. Those with tummies could pull this off. I would pair with blouse with skinnies & a light cardigan.


Anthropologie: $78, H&M: $14.99
I saved the best for last, floral tees! Who would want a floral tee! Totally cute paired with boyfriend jeans & a leather moto jacket or blazer!

So, this research wasn’t easy, but totally worth it! I found some great pieces, anybody can obtain, whether you have a big or little budget!

I’m hoping I’ll have another store vs store soon!
Hope you enjoyed, and hope to hear your thoughts in the comments! Thanks, Ryn


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