Style fyle: trippin’ clothes

I was supposed to travel to Canada this month(September), but it got postponed to November. I even set out my clothes in advance. Look at me, since I rarely do that! And I think I could have put it into a carry on… At least I think I could.

I had a theme for my outfits. Most everything was black. Black is probably the best color for travel, especially when you’re not sure what the locals wear. And for me, I like to fit in (clothing wise) to where I’m traveling. Plus, with black clothes you can’t tell if they’re dirty…just saying.


This is the whole loot! I wanted to bring with me, items I can make different outfits with. So, that anything can be interchangeable.


1 pair of black leggings, 1-2 pair of black skinny jeans, 1 pair of denim boyfriend jeans


1 striped dress, 1 olive green field jacket, 1 long black duster cardigan


1 linen black tee, 1 white v-neck tee, 1 graphic tee, 2 striped shirts; s/s & l/s


1 pair Sandals, 1 pair boots, 1 pair tennis shoes & 1 pair white converse

Unfortunately, since my trip got pushed back until November, this may all change since the weather will be slightly different. But I’ll keep you posted if it does… :mrgreen:

And should I do a lookbook or something with these clothes?

Thanks for reading!! -Ryn


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