Beauty Find: Tarte bb tinted moisturizer


That’s me with a layer of the BB tinted moisturizer. Definitely not the most gorgeous photo of me, but it’ll do… Designer Bags and all under my eyes…


I use the ivory; fair skinned with pink or yellow undertones.

This stuff was heaven sent, I tell ya. It’s sheer coverage, but I get so many compliments on how great my skin is & how flawless it looks.
I’ve loved Tarte for a loooooong time, and with each product I use, they impress me more & more. And I love how “natural” looking they are. And of course, I love their packaging, It’s pretty darn cute!

Also they have amazing sales 2-3 times a year. Which helps. This is well worth the $36. I love it.

What Tarte products do you love & why?

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8 thoughts on “Beauty Find: Tarte bb tinted moisturizer

    1. Awe bummer, that’s sad to hear! Did you ever put powder on top? I do that daily & it seems to last on my skin… I also moisturize before I put this on. I don’t mind it not feeling moist…

  1. I think it’s really great to have in your makeup kit a great “light coverage” foundation/bb cream. It’s for those minimal makeup days but something to just make your skin look extra healthy and flawless. For those “oh your skin looks amazing, what have you been doing?” compliments where it doesn’t look like makeup! Sometimes I don’t mind having some blemishes show through. I’m not about the cake face life everyday and this sounds perfect! Looks great on you!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Xx Dani Elle

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