Beauty Find Review: Enfusia


I was so graciously sent some goodies from Enfusia… If you aren’t familiar with Enfusia, you really should be. First off I love there body mists! The Frankincense & myrrh is my favorite scent, hands down!

They sent me a whole boat load of amazing products! Which I’m so thankful for!
They sent 4 little soaps; Rhossoul Clay & lemongrass poppyseed (which smells heavenly), 2 bigger soaps; pink & purple Roses & lavender eucalyptus (again, it smells divine!), a lotion in the scent Arabian sandalwood & a muscle bath bomb that smells fantastic! I have yet to try some of the soaps and the muscle bath bomb… But I’m excited to try them! But I can totally attest to how clean they make you feel & that the nature of their scents are very natural & gentle. I love bringing along with me, the body mists when I go shopping for the day. It just refreshes me, and puts a little pep in my step! As I do won 4 of their body mists.


Arabian sandalwood, cocomō enfusion™, Frankincense & myrrh, pink grapefruit enfusion™….

I absolutely adore this brand, if you ever find yourself in a wholefoods market or online at, they will not disappoint if you try their products. Plus, they hail from The Woodlands, Texas! And made in the USA. And TSA approved for the little 2oz bottles!

Hope you enjoyed the beauty review, as much as I enjoyed receiving these gems! Thank you Enfusia for blessing me with this box of goodies!



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