Diy Friday: Weekends are for Waffles

DIY Friday is Back!!!! After taking most of the summer off, it’s good to be back & it’ll be better than ever! Let’s get creative, shall we? BTW, happy almost Autumn!

So this diy is super easy! I saw a sweatshirt on on Mary Orton from The blog, IG account a few weeks back and it totally needed to be in my life! I ordered the sweatshirt and bought the supplies and totally diyed myself a sweatshirt and I’m kinda obsessed! Ironically, I usually don’t eat waffles on the weekends but I still love the sweatshirt anyway…. And it would have been way too long for me to put Gluten free waffles when I feel like it,  so I guess, this will do! šŸ˜‰

Now, we just need the weather to comply with us, as I know many who want to start wearing sweatshirts, sweaters & coats! As do I, so so badly!


This is the inspiration… In my head, I totally thought the sweatshirt was dark grey with white lettering…oops!

And here is what y’all will be making!


What you’ll need to gather:
Crew neck sweatshirt/jumper (bought mine HERE, its super soft and long… Great for leggings!)
Flocked iron on art by SEI in solid white
Letter stencils
Iron + board

1. Estimate where the center of the sweatshirt is. And press it until there’s a crease in it.


2. Use the letter stencil on the paper side of the flocked paper. And stencil each letter that you need. PS, you don’t need them backwards. I know this from experience.

3. Cut out each flocked stenciled letter.
4. Place them on the sweatshirt, how you want them.


5. On the cotton-linen setting on the iron, you’ll press the letters 15-20 seconds each until they adhere to the sweatshirt.
Then go over it once more with an iron.


6. Then you’ll want to peel the paper off. And then you’re finished! Perfection!


Ps. Remember, weekends are for waffles!

I’m so glad to be back at getting crafty with y’all! I actually missed it! Sorry it’s a bit late today!

Hope you enjoyed! -Ryn


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