Beauty fyle: My top 11 Autumn Lips

I love autumn. I love the clothes, makeup, accessories, nail polish, etc. I love it all! Not to mention the food. But we’re her to talk about lips. I love lipstick. And bright lipstick at that! But I also like dark sultry colors, and reds and nudes. Its all fun to wear for me. I have 11 lipstick colors that I’ll be wearing all autumn & winter…


Here’s to wearing all of these this season!


Here we go, from left to right:
1. MAC (Up The Amp) a light dusty purple shade. Kind of unexpected, but totally wearable.
2. MAC (Russian Red) a classic autumn red. It’s deep, but so gorgeous on.
3. MAC (Ruby Woo) this shade is a bright red. A classic red. And the matte formula makes it last for dayyyyssss. Well at least hours! 😉
4. MAC (Diva) Deep dark purple/burgundy. It can be a bit patchy though, so be forewarned.
5. MAC (Rebel) I wouldn’t have known about this shade, if my customer Lipgloss Leslie on YouTube, wasn’t wearing it when she stopped by my booth… Its a very wearable purple-wine shade.
6. Bite beauty (Pomegranate) This shade is a glossier version of a classic red. Though it is red, it is so wearable.
7. Tarte (Exposed) this is my go to nude shade. And it’s different on everybody. But it’s a matte formula and it lasts all day!
8. Tarte (Lively) This shade is a deep hot pink. It’s super easy to pop on and be oh so chic.
9. Bite Beauty (Cin Cin) This is my autumn shade. I bought it to wear in autumn. It’s a darker coral/orange. I love it.
10. Bite Beauty (Musk) This is a dark taupey nude. It’s Gorgeous on.
11. Bite Beauty (Scarlet) This is a legit wine color. Gorgeous shade. Very intense!

Fun fact! I love making funny faces, I can impersonate someone’s face… It can be disturbing. Also that last photo is weird looking with only the one dark lip!

• I will say if you’re going to rock a red or berry lip, scrub & moisturize your lips first. And you may need to reapply the lipstick throughout the day, just for it to look tip top wonderful!

Have a wonderful day! -Ryn

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