Style Fyle: Autumn Hats!

I’m not one to really wear hats except in autumn/winter. I like how hats help elevate an outfit. It works well for me. I even got a new hat & I love it!


Isn’t it cute? $19.99 for 100% wool. Bargain! and it looks like it came straight from Madewell or Ralph Lauren! Whoop whoop! This hat is going to look so cute with all my fall clothes, when it gets colder here!


As I said, I love wearing hats because it just adds another element to the outfit.

My favorites:
• Beanies. They’re pretty amazing. The slouchier the better. And in any color too. And keeps your head impeccably warm.


• Wide Brimmed Fedora hat. Has a chic vibe to it. And a nod to a cowboy hat. Yay! (Since, I live in Texas)


• Baseball hats. Yes just yes! Can’t get enough of baseball hats. Borrowed from the boys. I love the shape & style, Especially dark ones with no frills to it & made of cotton.


• Floppy brimmed wool hat. It’s a chic hat. And if you’re incognito, it’s perfect. It’s also easy to dress up. With a fur and flares.


Tell me what you love about Autumn and what you love about hats. Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Thanks for reading!


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