Styled: Tonya

Hi y’all!
So I haven’t told/shown you a style session in quite some time… And I thought I would today!

My clients name is Tonya. She contacted me to style her for an upcoming wedding, that was in NYC. She was staying 3-4 days and wanted clothes for your each day which I totally understand, it’s New York, you want to look cute there! So, we met at Target one Saturday and started shopping after we stopped at Starbucks to get refreshments…
She needed an outfit for a Broadway show, bumming around the city & for the wedding. I thought it may be a long shot to find a cocktail dress at Target, but the angels were preparing the way because we totally found one, and it fits her like a glove! Then we found the Broadway look and the bumming around the city look as well. Did I mention that her budget was $200.

I usually tell my clients to budget between $150-$1000 depending on what they want to get. And $200 is a great number, because you can definitely find some great pieces to mix and match with , with your other pieces in your wardrobe.

So, here are the pics from her weekend:


Broadway: we found this great tassel fringe chevron kimono, this orange blouse, black jeans and heels.


Bumming around the city:
Long oatmeal sweater, bird tee & denim shorts. I actually picked out boyfriend jeans, but it was waaay too hot for her to wear that weekend. But with the bf jeans, this will be a great outfit to wear in Autumn and some of winter.


Cocktail Wedding:
This dress is gorgeous on her. As I said before, it fits her like a glove. We bought the dress, heels & necklace. And she looks divine!

And the thing is, she can reuse that dress, by
• throwing on either a denim or fur jacket on top for either a casual vibe or a dressy winter look.
• With that long cardigan, she can mix it with those black skinny jeans and another tee.
• Or use the boyfriend jeans, orange blouse and oatmeal sweater.
• Or black skinnies with bird shirt, or the black skinnies with a plain fitted tee & kimono.
• Or bf jeans, kimono & fitted tee.

The options are endless! Right there we have 9 outfits with 2 pair of pants, 1 blouse, 1 sweater, 1 tee, 1 pair of heels, 1 dress, 1 kimono, and 1 necklace. All for right at $200!
And I could probably pair more outfits together when I see her entire wardrobe!

This was such an amazing style session & I loved it. The cool thing about styling, as you gain clients, you gain friends. And I get the satisfaction to know and see how it is effecting someone’s confidence in how they feel about themselves! Empowering people to be beautiful is so rewarding!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

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