Beauty Fyle: My Top 11 Autumnal Nail Polishes

Like my lips, I love to polish my nails in autumnal colors, whether it’s olive green, rust, gold, red etc! I just love wearing nail polish. It just elevates an outfit. I especially love to polish my nails on the weekends and/or when I have a style session coming up. I just feel more put together. More me, I guess. With these colors, it’s a sure sign that autumn is well on it’s way… Hallelujah!


The fact that my late Nana was the owner of a salon(the snooty fox) and used to do other ladies nails, somehow made me love to take care and polish my own nails. I inherited the polish love from her… And my mom! What a legacy.

Ulta: Candy Coated | $6
Essie: Smokin’ Hot | $8.5
Essie: Master Plan | $8.5
Butter London: Wallis | $15
Butter London: LA Moss | $15
Butter London: Shag | $15
Formula X: Enriched | $10
NYC: Plaza Plumberry | $.93
Koco: Married to the mauve | $7
Albeit cosmetics: red | $12
Butter London: Union Jack Black | $15

I’ve already applied shag, enriched & LA Moss on my nails and/or toenails. But I’ll be wearing these others I’m sure soon enough.


Hope you enjoyed! See ya tomorrow! -Ryn


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