Diy Friday: you get a gold star…shirt

I have a new DIY for you! This was a result from a shirt on fleurdeforce’s channel. She had on a short sleeve shirt with gold stars all over it. I wish I could find you the same shirt but I cannot. But what I can tell you is it was super duper cute. Hers was short sleeve and I believe it was V-neck but since I’m in autumn I would show you how to replicate a long sleeve version.


You’ll need to gather:
A white t-shirt (long or short sleeve)
An iron
iron on art – gold metallic (I bought mine from Hobby lobby by a brand called s•e•i)

1. What you’ll want to do first is draw your stars on the entire sheet of iron on art gold metallic stuff. You can use a sharpie to do so. (but beware when sharpie ink get hot, it will smear onto the shirt.) You can either use a star stencil or free hand it like I did for a not so uniformed look to the stars. You’ll draw it on the plastic/gold side, not the white side.


2. Use your scissors to cut out the stars.


3. Place them on your shirt. (If your shirt needs to be irons first do it, then place the stars to it.)


4. Press your heated iron(350°F) on the stars white side to right side of shirt. And leave on each star for 25-30 seconds.

5. Let cool for 15-20 seconds, then peel off the plastic film. You then do this all the way around the shirt.


6. Then voilà! You have an awesome gold star shirt you can pair with a skater skirt, skinnies, boyfriend jeans, dress pants, etc. You name it, you could do it!

Enjoy! -Ryn


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