Beauty Fyle: long lasting lips


I have a beauty tip! I’m no makeup artist(I sometimes feel like I could go into that field, but I love working with clothes and being a stylist more) , but I love makeup in general, And I love wearing lipstick, but I don’t always love when the lipstick wears off waaaaay too quickly in my book. I have found a loop hole.

• What I do is, I use my concealer brush that I just used from under my eyes and I apply the residual concealer onto my lips that are dry (meaning without saliva on them), and then I apply my lipstick. And depending on the lipstick, it can last ALL day without reapplying! And we all together say hallelujah!

So, this trick works in my book, but again I share, I’m not a makeup artist. Its I st a fact with me that it’s a tried and true method.
You should try it. You’re welcome.


What concealer I use:
NYX HD concealer (for my eyes and lips ;))
What lipstick I had on in the photo:
Kat Von D ‘love craft’.

Hope this helps with your Monday blues, just think its only 4 days till Friday! -Ryn

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