Lifestyle Fyle: Texas State Fair

Yesterday, I went with the ‘rents’ to the State Fair, and it was actually ALOT of fun! I discovered areas I’ve never seen before and visited places that I have. And learned that it only takes one pound of wool to make 33 sweaters. Who knew?!

I got to see the cutest animals at the petting zoo. And I ate a lot of gluten laden things, not to mention fried food, such as; fried cheesecake, funnel cake, a turkey corn dog and Nathan’s hotdog. I mean we are in Texas after all. They love their fried food! And I even received a free ice cream cone. Oh and I got henna-ed!
Whoop whoop!




And I got to see the sites around me. I wanted to ride on the swan paddle boats but I couldn’t find them 😦

And I loved spending time with my parents too. I usually spend more time individually that altogether, it was a nice & pleasant change. But it was unfortunate that I didn’t get a pic of all three of us! Bugger.

And I also didn’t get an outfit of the day picture, but I can tell you what I wore: black skinnies, a white holey v-neck tee, and a plaid flannel shirt with black & pink tennis shoes. I then had on a star of David charm necklace and my Maude C. ‘Give love’ necklace, Madewell mix & match post earrings and a L.A.M.B crossbody purse.
The first day of many of me wearing a plaid shirt.

It was a fun full day, that when we got home I went to bed at 8:00pm…. Whaaaat?!

Do y’all go to your state Fair? And do other countries have Fairs?! I truly want to know! -Ryn

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