Beauty Find: feelin’ silky


Y’all! I prefer a silk épil over shaving ANY day! Have you heard of a silk épil? It literally plucks the leg hair out of your legs at lightning fast speed. And slows down the time of hair growth.
If you have sensitive skin when shaving and after shaving, this machine is a skin saver!
For me, when I get through shaving my  skin immediately starts itching, to where I scratch it raw and it starts bleeding. Not cool! So I don’t shave much…





Non hairy.

But this machine, It acts like an electric shaver, but it plucks the hairs out from the root instead of just cutting the hair. There is a slight sting at first but then you get used to it. It’s just an unfamiliar feeling. The time it takes for the hair to grow back, recovers any discomfort you may have had from the last time you plucked. It works well. But there are times when you miss a few spots… Not to worry, you can either use the hair plucker again or you can shave it. It won’t hurt either way. And the more you use it, the less the hair will grow back, until one day you are left with perpetually smooth skin! I’m in! Never having to shave or pluck again, sounds like a dream indeed.

Here is the latest & greatest version yet! Way to go Braun for this invention!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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