Foodie Fyle: carrot cereal

I’m that kid who used to eat her fruits and veggies. There wasn’t a veggie I didn’t like. (Well except steamed artichokes, blech!) I finished my veggies without a fight usually and then I was rewarded with a treat. My parents were into health food, so “treat” was probably peanut butter satin or a healthy Popsicle. Whatever the treat may be, I still ate my fruits and veggies willingly.

I had a flashback moment, just today of a salad my mom used to make my sisters & I when growing up. And I tried to recreate it, but I’m pretty sure I added more stuff to it. But I ate it for brekkie, and I don’t hate it, I actually love it. I’m calling it a cereal, since I ate it for breakfast.


{What’s in the Mackenzie childs bowl?}
Shredded carrots
Chopped spinach
Chopped pear
Dried cranberries
Lemon juice
Chopped pecans
Mini chocolate chips
Almond milk

If you need a good snack or breakfast or just a meal, try it. Make it your own!
The original salad consisted of: shredded carrots, milk, honey & raisins.

Whatever you like, customize it to what you like! 🙂



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