New Target + home haul

There’s a new target 10min from my house…
I like it. And I like everything they have. I feel as if it’s dangerous, putting me in the midst of all things pretty, shiny, fun, etc.
Target has amazing buyers & designers & merchandizers. They’re like Sephora by the cash register type people. Do I need party planning merchandize, washi tape or a copper colander? No, but I may need it one day! 


So, this Target is brand spankin new. It has a great layout of housewares + kitchen items. Electronics have it made as well. I’m curious how the clothing + shoe selection compares to the other stores, since I never made it there. But house + home was where it’s at. Thankfully I only bought one item, but I was a bit cheeky when I bought a few other items from homegoods & Tuesday morning… Or I should say, my mother did cause she’s just the best!




Love that mug!

I don’t know what it is, but I’m nesting and wanting my surroundings to be pretty. I think it comes & goes in waves though. Buying housewares vs clothing. All I know is I’m happier when my home is organized, clean & I love the pretty pieces in it.



And then there are these cheeky purchases:
• Marble + Wood cake stand (Homegoods)
This was too cute not to get it. I think it’s going to be a great staple in my decorating. I’ll be using it plenty.

• You are my Sunshine plate (Tuesday Morning) that song is sentimental to me, as my dad would sing it to be each night I went to sleep. I tend to want to buy anything that has those lyrics on it.
• Copper + glass terrarium (Target)
This caught my fancy. I love it! I knew exactly what I wanted in it too. I just looooove copper!
• Blue + White hand towels (Homegoods)
These are amazingly soft. Plus they look cute too. And I’m always on the look out for cute hand towels.


Such great items that can spruce up your home, big or small. My advice to you is reclaim as much as you can, buy pretty pieces that are inexpensive and of good quality. And then splurge on what you love!


P.s. I’m sorry if you don’t have a target where you are, I wish you did. But if you’re planning trip, see if there is a target near you. You need to experience the goodness of Target.

P.p.s. these candy corns are worth a try! I hate candy corn, and I was compelled to try it, I only had 6 pieces. But it tastes so similar to an actual caramel macchiatto! It’s dangerous!


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