Beauty Fyle: Increasing Endorphins…

I feel disappointed. And I don’t really know what to do. I cant really share it with anybody, cause they don’t know what I’m going through….

But hey, that not why I’m here! I’m here to share with you two videos on YouTube that help to get a flabby stomach flat again. Intriguing right? I’ve been on a workout hiatus for far too long and I want to get back into
the swing of things. I’ve done these videos before and they are NO joke! First off Ashley Graham is perfection. And secondly you get that painful but fulfilling soreness afterward! And thirdly you notice a difference quickly.

So here they are and I hope you enjoy!
Here & Here

Also if you are dealing with things in your life, exercising really does help. It increases endorphins which make you happier. Which, I don’t know about you, I love to be happy!

Here’s to working out starting today & ending the drawn out hiatus!

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