Beauty find: Nars Cruella


I adore this stuff! Way to go Nars! It took me 7 months to try out my birthday gift from Sephora. Oh man, I get why people rave about the quality of Nars’ lip products. Especially this product. It’s a velvet matte lip pencil. And the lasting/staying power is pretty great. I did have to apply throughout the day, but there wasn’t the hassle of it going my teeth or anything which I definitely liked. And the color is goooooooooooourgeous! I kind of feel like Taylor Swift with her red lips. It’s dark, but still a true red. And it makes my teeth look white. Woohoo! I really do like it. If your interested in purchasing, its $26, which seems pretty reasonable for a Nars product.
I give this product two thumbs up for sure! 👍👍 okay maybe TS or Audrey Hepburn….

Thanks for reading!

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