Style Fyle: waffle ootd

I betcha you thought I was going to be talking about waffle knits… Of course those are great, but I’m actually talking about this sweatshirt I DIYed a few couple ago! It finally getting cold enough in Texas to wear Sweatshirt! Praise him! And I’ve worn this sweatshirt three times already! Its in the laundry now, since I’ve managed to drop food on it…
Question, do you have a certain spot foot drops on you? Mine seems to always land on my right upper boob. I wore another sweatshirt and food dropped in the same spot there too. Jeez Louise!


Sweatshirt | Jeans | Boots | Camisole | Necklace | Watch

Anyway, I had a pretty casual day going to brunch with the Fam, and I wanted to wear the sweatshirt. So I paired it with a white cami underneath, letting it peek out, also breaking it up a bit. And adding length to the look. I then popped on black ankle boots, and a sparkly necklace. I’m all for pairing glitzy dressy jewelry with casual items. Though the jewelry really isn’t elevating the casual outfit any, it is still dressing it up a tad & bringing a fun flair to your outfit. You could add pumps occasionally depending on the occasion, but boots for me are just fiiiiine! I almost always wear my skinny jeans cuffed, I enjoy the way my legs look when cuffed, very long & lean especially when wearing ankle boots.

So here’s to a fun weekend outfit! You’ll find me wearing this all the time!


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