What’s in my suitcase?

I’m in Canada!!!! (Or as I like to say, Canadia😜) I’ve packed some really cute things, if I do say so myself…and it all fit in a carry-on. I’m growing up y’all! Lol. I’m amazed myself.

I have a list of items I brought with me, and I’ll warn you now, It consists of black, grey & white. I did bring one colorful scarf. But yeah, that’s my wardrobe for you. Oh and I have olive green & royal blue. So all is not lost!
Here they are before I start rambling on…

Let’s carry on… Pun intended…


I brought with me:

1 pair boyfriend jeans
1 pair black skinny jeans
2 pair black thicker leggings, different styles
2 button downs; white & denim
2 sweaters; black duster & marled sweater
1 sweatshirt
1 striped tee
3 white tees
1 field jacket
2 scarves; red plaid & black/tan polka-stripes
2 bras
2-3 camisoles
8 pair of undies
6 pair of socks
3 pair of shoes; brown booties, black ankle boots & tennis shoes
2 hats; royal blue beanie & grey fedora

I have everything I could possibly need. I’ll also be showing you my outfits in another post!

And if you don’t follow me on Instagram already, I really think you should, as I will be post OOTDs & what I wore posts on there. : )

Hope you enjoyed this post, as I love to read what others take with them on trips! Enjoy the weekend! -Ryn


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