What in my purse?


What isn’t in my purse? J/k! Hah! Sure we all have rubbish in our purses and 5-6 lipsticks, that’s just a given… But I’ve thoroughly loved using my L.A.M.B cross body purse. No need to chuck everything in a huge bag, when I carry this wittle bag and have everything in its place! Looooooooove that. And its oh so light!

Here’s what I had in my bag… Key word, had.
Rubbish + receipts (I threw those out)
Hand wipes from a BBQ restaurant (I kept those, you never know when you’ll need to wipe your hands, plus they don’t take up much room.)
Business cards & holder (I have those with me at ALL times!)
Thinkthin peppermint chocolate bar ( I try to have at least one thinkthin bar in my purse, in case I’m super hungry.
MAC lipstick in “Diva” (love this color, especially for Autumn. Just a dark deep purple/wine. I kept in the bag)
NARS lip pencil in “Cruella” (beautiful red color, I left it at home)
NARS lip pencil ? (This also a great nude color, unfortunately I don’t remember the name. But I also left it at home.)
Lorac “vintage” lip gloss (this is such a pretty lip gloss shade. It’s just a nude shade)
Bite beauty lipstick in “Cin Cin” (ahh I love this shade! It’s an orangey/coral. Perfect for Autumn!)
Bite beauty lipstick in “pomegranate” (I brought this shade with me, as I do love it. This is also a pretty red shade, and then it fades to a soft red. Super lovely.)
Kat von D lipstick in “Lovecraft” (I brought this lipstick too. It’s the perfect throw on your lips shade.)
Bath & bodyworks hand sanitizer in golden apple (it’s good to have sanitizer wherever you go!)
A blue Le pen (super handy to have a pen with you at all times!)
Advil liqui-gels + vitamins (incase of headaches)
Starbucks gum (you always need fresh breath, especially after drinking coffee)
Colgate wisps (same as the chewing gum, fresh breath all the way!)
Wallet ( vital in this day and age. Basically the holder of my ID + cards.)

So as you can see I can add a whole heck of a lot of stuff in such a small bag! Approx 8x11x2″ bag…

I loooove carrying a smaller bag for the sake of not carrying what feels like a bowling ball with me everywhere. But I love my bigger handbags too, don’t get me wrong. But for traveling I much prefer smaller > bigger.

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