What’s in my toiletries bag?

Y’all, I have a lot of bags… And a lot of things in those bags! As far as toiletries go, I have a few in my toiletries bag. As I am away in Canada, I will show you what I took!


•Neiman Marcus toiletry bag (this was a gift with purchase… Perfect size for this trip)
•Kiehl’s musk oil perfume (love this scent! And perfect size.)
•Josie Maran Argan oil (my skincare is a MUST!)
•Josie Maran Argan daily moisturizer (again a must!)
•Pssssst dry shampoo (this dry shampoo is great, love the scent!)
•Hair spray (I forgot the name of this, but perfect for my hair.)
•Thayer’s rose water toner (love love love this toner. I will be using this stuff for ages.)
•La Vanille travel size deodorant (as much as I like other deodorants, I love this one! It works so well!)
•Pacifica sandalwood perfume (one of my favorite scents, EVER! and a perfect size to travel with)
•Natural toothbrush (love these toothbrushes. They work well, and instead of lugging my sonicare toothbrush, I can do it manually for a week or weeks)
•Foil packets, such as: shampoo, body wash, face mask, makeup remover, etc. (These are perfect for traveling! Instead of bringing a bunch of small bottles with you, these are waaay easier. 1. You save on room in your toiletry bag. 2. You get to try new products. It pays for itself!)
•Spry Cinnamon toothpaste (this is my favorite toothpaste by far)
•Ducky shower pouf (what can I say, I love ducks!)
•Enfusia frankincense & myrrh body lotion (best smelling lotion)
•Keihl’s creme De le corps lotion (best nourishing lotion)
•Cotton squares (just in case)
•Tangle Teezer (hairbrush, its not my favorite, but it works)
•Dark grey hair tie (because I use them everyday)
• Boots botanics cleansing balm (my favorite face cleanser)

As these are my favorites, I had to bring them! What are your favorites? And any pack tips?

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