What’s in my carry on?

I promise this is the last bag post I have for awhile! As my trip is over, and I reflect on the memories that were made. I’m incredibly thankful and grateful that my mom brought me with her. Canada was the same & yet different all at the same time. And it was the first of many countries to visit! Canada somehow lit a fire to live more… I’ll go into it more in another post. But today is the day I share with you what was in my carry on, *was being the key word, as now my bag is completely empty! So let’s do this!


• Bag: vintage pan am type bag from Samsonite. I bought this bag from a thrift store for a few dollars.
• Camera: Nikon coolpix L110(not shown) This was mainly for taking pictures of the Niagara falls. And I got some gorgeous pics of them. Frame worthy ones.
• Bose Headphones: (I brought Samsung ear buds instead.) Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the bose headphones, as I only had a limited amount of space, so I opted for my ear buds instead.
• IPad 2. Because, it’s my mini computer. I can watch YouTube’s, I can blog on it, or play solitaire when bored…
• Knitting needles & yarn. This has got to be one of the best ideas yet. I actually started knitting a scarf or a part of a blanket.
• Makeup bag. I had my makeup with, as it is precious cargo ; )
• Book: Defining Moments by Jen Tringale. I’ve been reading this book for months, I was expecting to finish it, but alas, no not yet! That’s not to say it not a great book, because it really is! I’m enjoying in tremendously when I remember to read it.
• Purse: L.A.M.B crossbody, cause you can only have one personal item.
• Jewelry bag, again precious cargo. And if I decide I want to add jewelry after get through security, I can.
• A pair of underwear, juuuuuuust in case…
• Sunnies: Rayban wayfarer limited edition sunglasses… Never used them on my trip.
• Chewing Gum, for the take off and landing times… Helps with your ears.
• Perfume: keihl’s musk rollerball & pacifica sandalwood, helps with smelling good.


• Lotion: Enfusia frankincense and myrrh scent. As my skin can be dry at times. So it was nice to have it to keep my skin hydrated, especially on the flight.
• Nail polish: I actually ended up not bringing this. As I just naturally polished my nails seeming like I had clear polish on the whole time, but alas I didn’t, it was au natural!
• Passport, its essential to have crossing the border. I was very protective of it. Mama bear protective.
• Snacks: Trader Joe’s treats, thai lime & chili almonds, flattened bananas, chili mangos are all fantastic to try and easy to pack.


• Stretch band for exercise (not shown) unfortunately, I never once exercised! I totally wanted to, and this stretch band was there the whole time, I just decided to eat instead… Naughty naughty, I know!
• Starbucks Venti reusable cup (not shown) This is a must take for me. Whether I fill it up with coffee or water after getting through security, it’s just so handy to bring with me.

The funny think is, is that the blue bag was unable to be zipped up. Buuut it did fit underneath the seats, so that was nice!

So there you have it, I pack a lot, but if you think about it, you need stuff even on trips!
Have a beautiful day! -Ryn


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