Canada OOTDs in a week

Y’all I had so much fun taking these outfit of the day photos… As each day was a different outfit, I feel like I grew a little with this challenge, as I’ve never not shipped a bag through… I actually used all but one shirt, as I forgot I had it with me. Whoops! But other than that, I am convinced I can just pack a carry on again. Sure it was a challenge to come up with 8 different outfits, the challenge was accepted & conquered. I’ll walk you through each outfit too. And when I landed in buffalo and crossed the border, it was in the 70°s and then as the week progressed it turned to the 50°s as that is what I packed for…

Things still for sale…
{Boyfriend jeans | Black Skinny Jeans | “Petty” boots | Striped shirt; similar| Royal Blue Beanie | Grey Fedora}


Wednesday: Travel day. I wanted something comfortable for the flight, as I would be plane hopping(connecting flights)… I paired black leggings with a long white tee and my “weekends are for waffles” sweatshirt and my green field jacket. I then added my black ankle boots to the mix. And don’t worry, I had socks on, as I do not like to be barefoot at the airport… Ew! I felt cute and comfy…and actually took the jacket off, just too warm for me.


Thursday: I was excited to cross the border, as I put on a Canadian colored plaid shirt, denim boyfriend jeans, my brown “petty” boots, and then I added a black duster sweater to the mix. Super cute as I half tucked the shirt into my jeans. The half tuck can usually elevate an outfit. I looooooved this outfit!


Friday: as it was a bit on the warm side in Canada, I opted to go with a white tee, wool scarf, field jacket, black skinny jeans and tennis shoes. And then throughout the day, I put my hair up too.


Saturday: This is also a favorite outfit of mine! I love it. Now on this day it was cold & wet. So I went with my black ankle boots, tuxedo stripe pleather leggings, white tee, marled hi-lo sweater & I popped on a bright pink lip and a royal blue beanie. And I also grabbed my field jacket for added warmth.


Sunday: this was on Sunday, we stopped at the cutest little lake house restaurant and they just so happened to have full length mirror… I put it to good use! I have on the boyfriend jeans, the black duster cardigan, Sam edelman “petty” boots, grey fedora & striped tee. I get so many compliments on that hat! I also added a favorite dark lip in “diva” from MAC. Perfection.


Monday: So, different surroundings as you can see, we are still in Canada, just by Niagara falls… I paired my black skinnies with a white tee, the marled sweater, field jacket, tennies & scarf. Perfect for walking around.


Tuesday: Tuesdays calls for leggings, as I paired the legging with a white tee, the marled sweater, field jacket, black ankle boots, and grey hat. As we were driving back to buffalo… Perfect outfit to cross back to the states.


Wednesday: and another travel day ahead! So, again I wanted something comfortable. I paired my boyfriend jeans with a white tee, that same “waffles are for weekends” sweatshirt, the field jacket. Tennis shoes and grey & black happy socks. (I had to take the socks off after the security as it just looked funny!) P.s. my hair was having a great day that day! Just saying! 😉

So though it may have been challenging at times, I still had so much fun styling all of these outfits. Though I may not totally believe in capsule wardrobes, I like them for traveling! And I hope I have given you inspiration and encouragement to travel all the while looking über cute! You got this!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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